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You Must Know How To Do First Aid

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It is the training one receives in order to be able to provide care to anyone who receives an injury due to a natural disaster or an accident. It is basically an attempt to save a person’s life for the time being, mostly while they are being transferred to a hospital, or to ensure that the patient’s condition does not worsen any further. First aid refresher in Perth in other words is provided by a person who has basic knowledge of medical and is trained to treat situations such as cuts and bruises. The range of services depends on the medical condition of the patient. Most work places, offices and even schools have first aid kits or tool box, to encounter any situation that may harm a person.  

Also you must know that there is nothing specific in a first aid tool, you can always utilize what you have around you in case you don’t have the kit. Strike is one of the few organizations that are nationally recognized are licensed for providing first aid as well as training others for first aid. Some of the consultants that they have on board are people who have served as medics in the armed forces, and in many other law enforcement agencies and they all do qualify to be trainers. Their experience of the world is extremely valuable as all those who enroll will not only gain the basic text book knowledge but also know about its practical implementation in emergency situations.   

More than providing medical care to patients on accident site or during an emergency situation, the person providing first aid care needs to be very vigilant and quick in terms of through process and more than the medicine, it is your attitude and confidence that would help the patient in those difficult circumstances. So these are some of the qualities and skills that along with basic medical know how would be taught at Strike during the course. Presence of experts who may have served in numerous places all over the world, provides you with an experience that is unparalled, their professionalism is something one needs to learn from.  

Their attitude and acceptance of any new development in terms of science and technology is commendable. All their courses, be it on first aid or CPR refresher course or any other on health and well-being, they are all in accordance with the Act on health and safety on Workplace. If you are interested in joining Strike Training, you can easily do so. This particular course is divided into two halves, namely one that you are required to complete online and second is practical. You can only head for the second half once you have completed the first one.  The online course requires maximum of seven hours and after that you can join the practical, which is usually held on a Monday or a Saturday.  For more information, please log on to



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